> SUMMER 2009

Activity Staff talking on the dock!
Canoe Ride
Staff on the Ropes
More one-week campers on the bus ride up!
One-Week Campers ride up on the bus!
Camper Introduction Fun!
Counselor and Camper
Bible Study
Chief, Chief, Chief, Chief!!!!
One-Week Campers learn to kayak!
Wilderness Trip preparation
Case and a camper in the kayak!
Fourth of July Parade in Three Lakes, WI
Boys acting goofy at Cardboard Regatta
Girls at Cardboard Regatta
Cardboard Regatta
Father and Son on Family Day enjoying the shade!
Rodeo Clown watching the show at Family Day
Family Day Rodeo Show
Staff on left showing a service team camper some cabin buidling tips!
Camper Boys Before Camper Sing
Girls Smile at Camper Worship
Camper Songs
Hand Trick
Unit Leaders