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September 21, 2010


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Kenzie Nguyen

I have gone to HoneyRock for a couple years now, Res Camp, Advance Camp, and DTP, and I have loved every moment of it. But my favourite memories all come from Camper Worship. I have moved around some and have been to 5 different churches, but I have never experienced worship so powerful or joyful as I have at Camper Worship. There is just something about singing and dancing with hundreds of other kids who have such a love for Jesus that just lights your heart on fire. I can't wait for next year!

Laura Jean (Brosius) Pulscher

Hello Friends!

I worked as a wrangler for a few years after taking the Equestrian Skills class while I was at Wheaton College. My favorite parts of HoneyRock were the time apart from distractions and being surrounded by: many close friends who also love God; horses from which I learned many, many lessons about God and life; staff members who became mentors to me; and the power and beauty of God in the natural world around me.

HoneyRock is a place to listen... and oh the amazing things one hears! :)
Thanks for the blessing of working up in the Northwoods,

John Hinnen

Whats not a memory! From 6 summers in residential camp, to Vanguards and Isle Royale (1971), to dish boy, to 4 summers as a cook under Fred Hyde and Randy Podoll. From grade school through high school to college. I was lucky to experience the camper and kitchen staff sides of HRC. Summers (1965 to 1976) spent on Long Lake are some of my best memories growing up.

Those memories still come to life as my brother, also once a camper and cook, and now many years later is a camp doctor one week out of every summer. He and his family keep the tradition alive as do the HRC friends and family I have kept in touch with over the years.

Life changing experience as I accepted Christ on fireside point as a camper.

Thanks for the memories, Coach and Dot Chrouser.

Wish I could make the 60th. Attended the 50th Anniversary and had a weekend of reminiscing. May God continue to bless this hallowed ground.


What a wonderful memory!! Thanks for sharing POPS.


Honey Rock will always hold a special place in my heart, my life, my salvation. I started coming to Honey Rock when I was 11 years old. My parents sent me to HRC because they weren't sure what to do with me anymore. I guess I was a child with a lot of "energy" that kept getting misplaced :-) They hoped that Honey Rock could give me ideas about proper placement of my "energy". That summer was the beginning of changing my life, literally forever, for eternity. Whether it was horseback, burros, swimming, canoeing, sailing, crafts....the counselors all set an example that was worthy of notice (even if I did not realize it at the moment). I remember distinctly and forever the final chapel service that summer, the singing, lighting candles and walking the path to the Lagoon where we passed our candles to a counselor who placed them on a Cross in a boat. When the Cross was full the boat was rowed out of the Lagoon onto the lake. I was sitting on the grassy knoll by the lagoon Where I asked Christ to be the center of my life, to forgive me and to be with me always.

When I went home that summer my parents said that I had changed. Yes, I had changed, by the Grace of God. I still have a lot of energy, and through out my life the energy has at times been "misplaced" and bad decisions made but through out all the trials I have had Christ with me, He has carried me when I was unable to walk myself. Thank you Lord for Honey Rock Camp and for all the people that you lead there to do your work.

"POPS" a.k.a. Priscilla

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